While gamer stereotypes continue to persist, there’s a whole new generation of gamers who live to tell a different story. Gaming has hit the mainstream with 64% of the US population being gamers. Far from the predominantly male, introvert living with mom and dad, are the modern gamers. Gaming is only 11% of their leisure time — they consume multiple hours of video, spend time with social media and engage with the gaming community both online and in real life.

Gamers buying power surpasses $3 trillion annually across a variety of categories including travel, automotive, and home improvement. They are multi-dimensional — social, fashionable, influential, and diverse — with discerning attitudes towards brands and the money to spend on them.

In this diverse panel, we’ll discuss learnings from our recent qualitative and quantitative study on the demographics, traits, behaviors, and influence of the modern gamer. There’s a reason why game-world activities, like the dance from Fortnite, are increasingly becoming a part of the real-world zeitgeist of mainstream America.

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