As you know by now, Colin Kaepernick extended his relationship with Nike and is the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign.

While financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, Kaepernick’s deal is worth “millions per year” + royalties; on par with the contracts held by the NFL’s top players.

The deal is expected to include a “Kaepernick 7” line of shoes and apparel.

Nike made the decision to extend Colin and make him the face of the campaign anticipating the backlash from the political right, but the company is wisely playing the long game here understanding any negative short-term noise will be far outweighed by future sales gains.

Nike’s target client is America’s youth, not the 60-year-old racist white guy cutting swooshes off his socks, and Colin remains popular with the younger demographic; in fact, he recently sold out (at a price of $175) a customized jersey with #ImWithKap on the back in just over 6 hours.

Sadly, Nike’s decision to sign Colin wasn’t about protesting racism or social injustice -though, the company would like the media to position it as such, but about the bottom line; as one Twitter user (@MichaelMirer) so perfectly put it, “democratic socialists buy sneakers, too”.

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