It’s been reported that “a major discussion topic among NFL owners/executives” is “the Chargers’ long-term viability in LA.”

While the talks are have been characterized as “private conversations”, there is legitimate concern “about the extent to which the Chargers are struggling to build a fan base in the City of Angels.”

The franchise draws a league low 25,370 fans (many of which are rooting for the visiting team) and the front office has struggled to sell stadium seat licenses for their new venue in Inglewood.

Remember, the Chargers only made the move to L.A. because they were unable to get a new publicly funded stadium in San Diego and thought relocation into the 2nd biggest media market would increase the franchise’s valuation.

While the club’s value has grown from $1.525 billion in ‘15 to $2.275 billion in ’18, much of that growth can be tied directly to an increase in league broadcast revenues (which have positively impacted every team’s valuation) and stadium revenue (like: suites, advertising) they’re unlikely to realize.

The team has already acknowledged their $400 million Inglewood revenue target isn’t going to happen; it’s now expected they’ll revise that goal to a more reasonable $150 million.

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