JohnWallStreet: All Elite Wrestling is the Largest Investment Within Pro Wrestling Space Since Mid-90’s

Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, formerly of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor respectively, have announced the formation of “All Elite Wrestling”; a new promotion intent on surpassing WWE as the industry leader.

Kuno Becker, Gaz Alazraki and Oribe Peralta: Celebrities as Disruptive New Media (part 2)

Hear Kuno Becker, Gaz Alazraki and Oribe Peralta talk about the importance of celebrities and influencers to communicate brand messages to generate meaningful engagement with their respective audiences on...

JohnWallStreet: NHL Introduces Player and Puck Tracking Technology

The NHL introduced player and puck tracking technology to fans, for the first time, at January’s All-Star Game - software capable of calculating the speed at which players skate, the distance each travels throughout the game and shot speed.

The World Cup panel at AW LATAM (part 1)

The passion of sport is never more apparent than during the World Cup. As the 2018 competition approaches, learn how fans participate in the games, get insights into viewership...

Upon Further Review, Costly Super Bowl Ads Don’t Drive Sales or Brand Lift

If a brand is looking to make a splash, there’s no better way than running an ad during the Super Bowl, which this year will cost $5 million for...

Rio 2016: The Brand Legacy

With Rio 2016 now well under way, sponsors are enjoying the global euphoria generated by the Games, and understandably so. The Olympics represents one of the most effective international...

Building Brands Through Sports and Entertainment with Juliana Calle

Join Magnus Media for a lively discussion centered on marketing athletes and musicians. A panel focusing in today’s world of music, sports, content, branding and marketing.

Team President Peter Feigin Sits Down with JohnWallStreet to Discuss All (Business) Things Milwaukee...

JohnWallStreet’s Corey Leff speaks with Milwaukee Bucks Team President Peter Feigin about the business side of the team, including construction of their new stadium and the fan/financial decision-making process...

The Big Brands at Wimbledon, and Andy Murray’s Socks

When we think of Wimbledon, there are certain brands that spring to mind: Pimm's, Lanson, Robinson’s, Rolex. Perhaps less obvious, but no less important, are the brands of the...

Beyond the Broadcast, Capture The Full Value of Your Sports Sponsorships

This year, global sponsorship spending is projected to be $63 billion. The value of sports signage and sponsorships on social media has surpassed TV and sports marketers need a...

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