Kuno Becker, Gaz Alazraki and Oribe Peralta: Celebrities as Disruptive New Media (part 3)

Hear Kuno Becker, Gaz Alazraki and Oribe Peralta talk about the importance of celebrities and influencers to communicate brand messages to generate meaningful engagement with their respective audiences on...

JohnWallStreet: MLB Caught Donating to Perceived Racist Politician

Major League Baseball has asked Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith to return the $5,000 donation it made to the re-election campaign she has since won.

Wayne Rooney and D.C. United Team Up with Octagon and Triple S

MLS Player of the Week Wayne Rooney is riding high off consistently high performance in recent weeks. The former Manchester United player is making waves in Major League Soccer...

Why The Super Bowl Is The Ultimate Opportunity for Brand Collaboration

By Brady Sadler, EVP, Growth & Innovation, GYK Antler Marquee events like the Super Bowl are rare times when people actively look forward to commercials. But with the cost of a...

Beyond the Broadcast, Capture The Full Value of Your Sports Sponsorships

This year, global sponsorship spending is projected to be $63 billion. The value of sports signage and sponsorships on social media has surpassed TV and sports marketers need a...

Building Brands Through Sports and Entertainment with Juliana Calle

Join Magnus Media for a lively discussion centered on marketing athletes and musicians. A panel focusing in today’s world of music, sports, content, branding and marketing.

Delivering For Fans

The key is to authentically reach fans and deliver custom experiences both live and in their pocket.

How Snapchat Brings Fans The Sports Moments That Matter

Hear from Snap’s VP of Content, Nick Bell, about how Snapchat is becoming the platform that has figured out how to work with every major player in the sports landscape, and takeaways from the 2018 Olympics, the World Cup and other major moments.

The 2028 Olympics in LA Already Selling Sponsorships

The 2028 Olympics is still 9 year away but it's not stopping Olympic organizers from selling sponsorships now. In two months, Los Angeles 2028 will launch the largest single sponsorship...

Live Moments: Olympic Gold in Digital Advertising

There is nothing like the thrill of Olympic excellence and victory to bring tears to the eyes of even the most reserved hearts. As we watch the world's...

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